The IMO project launches a new staking system!

5 min readDec 10, 2023


New development in the IMO project!

As you know, the acquisition of the first property has definitively propelled IMO towards its ultimate goal of being a pioneer in Real World Assets. This concrete advancement is based on an innovative economic model that revolves around the scarcity of its token.

In this context, the first monthly “buy and burn” operations of $1,000 each have already commenced since May 18, 2023. To add further value to IMO tokens, we’re introducing the real estate staking today. This program enables community members who are property owners to benefit from rewards by offering their real estate holdings to support the IMO project for a specified duration.

How Does it Work?

If you own income-generating property, you can integrate it into the IMO system by reinvesting the net profits you’ve earned. These gains will be converted into IMO purchases, and the corresponding tokens will then be burned, further strengthening the “buy and burn” mechanism. In return, you’ll receive IMO tokens equivalent in value to the invested profits, along with an interest rate.

These tokens will be temporarily locked on UNCX (formerly Unicrypt) for a chosen duration by the participant. The longer the lockup period, the higher the interest percentage (see table below).

Each month of participation, you are free to choose the lockup duration based on your preferences from the options presented above. At the end of this period, you can retrieve your IMO tokens along with the corresponding yield for the lockup duration.

Benefits for IMO

There are several benefits for IMO. By acquiring and instantly burning IMO tokens generated from invested real estate income, it contributes to the scarcity of IMO tokens, thus reinforcing their valuation in line with the project’s initial economic model. This process also increases IMO project exposure, attracting more attention and trust from investors and the community. At launch, 20,000,000 IMO tokens were created, and this number will continue to perpetually decrease.

Benefits for Property Owners Participating in the System

For property owners participating in the system, this innovative mechanism offers the opportunity to increase their profits. By receiving returns in the form of IMO tokens, which increase based on the lockup duration, it encourages property owners to reinvest more of their real estate earnings into the IMO project, strengthening their involvement in the community while boosting their income.


You own a real estate property generating $2,000 in net income each month and want to integrate it into the real estate staking system implemented by IMO.

Initially, these $2,000 are transferred to the IMO project in stablecoin form, used for a purchase. With the current token price at $0.20, this would correspond to acquiring 10,000 IMO. These tokens are then immediately burned, thus reinforcing token scarcity through the “buy and burn” mechanism.

The example below illustrates another scenario in which an owner participates for four consecutive months in the real estate staking mechanism.

In conclusion, the launch of the “Staking real estate” program marks a new stage for IMO, propelling our project ever higher. This innovative initiative, combined with the monthly “buy and burn” transactions, reinforces the scarcity of IMO tokens. Property owners and investors, now is the time to join IMO in shaping the future of Real World Assets.


  • I own an income-generating property and want to participate in the project. How can I do that?
    Simply contact us. You can find our various communication channels on the Website.
  • Can I invest only a portion of the net income?
    Absolutely. It’s possible to invest all or part of the income from real estate properties.
  • Does the duration of the rental income commitment need to match the staking duration?
    No, they can be different. For example, an agreement could be made for a 3-month income commitment within a 12-month staking period.
  • How will the team ensure that the invested amounts indeed come from real estate income?
    Owners wishing to participate in real estate staking must provide documentation. As this is a limited-time partnership, in case of doubt, collaboration will not be established.
  • Can the lockup duration of already locked tokens be extended
    Unfortunately, it’s not possible to extend the token lockup period. However, it is possible to extend the partnership duration. It’s important to note that there is no option for withdrawal after the tokens are locked on UNCX.
  • Is this a contractual commitment to provide a property to the IMO system?
    No formal contract will be drafted. The process relies on token locking via UNCX. In the absence of stablecoin payment by the owner offering their property, collaboration with them will cease.
  • Where will the IMO tokens awarded to property owners and rewards come from?
    They will be sourced from the IMO project’s wallet.
  • Won’t future unlocking of IMO tokens create selling pressure on the IMO token?
    The aim is to boost project momentum. In the short term, owner participation in the system and the locking of their tokens in the medium/long term should generate a positive push for the project. After token unlocking, users are free to sell if they wish. However, our assumption is that system beneficiaries are holders eager to reinvest their gains in IMO and have confidence in the project.
  • Has the project radically changed its strategy, or will it continue acquiring real estate?
    This system aims to offer an additional feature during this development phase. Only a limited number of owners will have access to the system. Meanwhile, the project adheres to the same philosophy and objectives.
  • How do we retrieve stacked IMO?
    You’ll need to visit the UNCX platform. Payment-related information will be provided by the team each month.

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