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8 min readMar 23, 2021

KAELIN : Welcome @knutdr @daniel_frtn

Knut : Great thanks for inviting us! 😁

Daniel : Hello Thanks !

KAELIN : To start of this AMA let’s give the audience a brief description of what IMO is ?

Knut : IMO is a BEP20 token that allows people who own it to receive interest on real estate rentals. Indeed, this token allows anyone to invest in real estate without necessarily having the large sum of money that represents the purchase of a property and without having to worry about administrative procedures. The purchasers of the token can thus perceive a regular passive income. It is an ideal investment for people who want to prepare their future financial independence.

KAELIN : Passive Income Is Always A Good Strategy. Especially With The Defi Craze.

Knut : Yes really !

KAELIN : Who is the team behind IMO ? and what is their experience ?

Knut : So my name is Knut, I am currently 20 years old and since 2017 I am in crypto which is a passion for me, I dedicate all my time and energy to it. I am every day looking for gem and trading opportunity. I also have a youtube channel (CryptoMillion 13'950 subscribers) that talks only about crypto trading.

Daniel : The team is also composed of me, Daniel (@daniel_frtn), the real estate agent of the project. I’m working in a real estate agency and manages daily the assets of private banks and Swiss investment funds. As well as Adrien who is the communication manager of the project. So yes a small team to start, but afterwards and following the developments of IMO I

KAELIN : 14K Subs For A Crypto Channel Is Really Great , You Can Drop Your Link Quickly If you Like

Knut : Yes really thanks !

Daniel : Lets go into the Tokenomics of the native $IMO Token and what are some of it’s usecases ? As well as how someone would obtain the $IMO Token ?

Knut : The IMO token can be purchased on pancakeswap and is currently priced at $0.10. We have chosen the smart chain binance so that our users pay as little as possible. The IMO token will be used to remunerate the various holders, in fact, if you hold for example 5% of the tokens in circulation then you will receive each month 5% of the capital gain generated on the rents in the form of IMO tokens which will be given to you. You can then decide to sell these IMO to make a profit, or keep them to earn more next time. The tokens will be redeemed by IMO directly in the offer, and then redistributed to holders based on what they already hold. We are still considering a second potential system that would involve buying the tokens and then burning them to further reduce the supply and thus increase the price of your tokens rather than distributing new ones to you.

Daniel : 0.1% of each transaction is burned to reduce the outstanding supply and thus increase the value of the token. 0.3% of each transaction is held in reserve for possible problems, such as a property incident.

KAELIN : Deflation Is Always Great. Fantastic Explanation!

Knut : Yes, a real plus for holders!

KAELIN : Properties can be good or bad , Will anyone have a say in what properties are bought besides the team ?

Daniel : The field of real estate is a very large and complex area, we know that we will have to surround ourselves with other professionals in the industry to do this we can use our contacts in the field. As far as the community is concerned, we are thinking about a voting system with IMO tokens, the more you will hold and the more votes you will have to help us choose which property to buy among a preselection, however, it is still under consideration and there is nothing official about it for the moment, we remain open to any proposal.

KAELIN : That’s A Good Start , Although A Good System Will Be Needed After A While, How exactly will profits be shared ? You Have Awnsered. This But Let’s Go A Little More Into Detail.

Daniel : The profits generated by the company will be shared among all IMO token holders equally in proportion to the tokens they hold, it’s that simple. This allows everyone to participate and be rewarded according to their means, we like this community aspect where everyone participates in the expansion and growth of the project.

KAELIN : Speaking Off Expansion And Growth. What marketing strategies has the team decided to use to spread awareness and promote growth and use of the project ?

Knut : We have decided to keep it simple, we don’t want to be seen as an aggressive marketing project, simply because we want to take the time necessary for our development and not to rush into anything. However, we are considering big marketing means and important partnerships in Switzerland that will come along the project. However, some influencers have already contacted us because they are personally interested in our project, perhaps they will decide to talk about it on their channel. But first we have decided to use telegram groups like yours to talk about our project and share it with curious people who are already interested in cryptocurrency as a whole.

KAELIN : AMAs Are Are Great Way To Market. Especially In Large Groups Like For Example @Moonhunters. Although That May Be a Biased Opinion 😂

Knut : Yes thank you for inviting us!

KAELIN : We Will Open The Chat Soon After For Community Question’s 😎 Lastly Does the team have a roadmap in place ? and if so , how has it been kept up with so far ?

Knut : Yes we obviously have a roadmap, we are still in the very beginning, the project is brand new, it’s just listed, it’s still the beginning of the journey and the train is still empty, we are gladly taking on board anyone who might be interested. The first steps of the roadmap consist of the first marketing steps, like the AMA’s we are currently doing, also the listing of IMO on Pancakeswap as well as coingecko, corner market cap, the requests have been made, we are waiting for their response. Then we have two partnerships that should arrive in the next few days or weeks, with two very good projects, we are discussing very well with them for the moment!

Daniel : After that, we will really get down to business and it will be the beginning of the adventure, time to buckle up! We are about to create a company that will be registered in Switzerland. We will develop our local and international marketing plan to raise as much money as possible. Then we will try to get listed on some exchanges and officially buy our first properties. The growth is likely to be exponential. Once the first revenues are injected into the project, the rocket will have already taken off. 🚀

KAELIN : Sounds Like The Team Is Right On Track. I Like The Optimism. Really Great AMA. Will Be Opening The Chat Soon.

CoinTravolta : MO is a real estate company that leases Apartments. How do you use your earnings? Do you have a solution to increase the price of the IMO token?

Knut : We want the profits to be reinjected and to benefit all holders. So we plan to buy tokens and then burn them to raise the price for all holders and also to screw the supply!

Adelina Rahma : IMO Invest basically saying the company will investing all Profitability other than covering expenses of course in the tokens?

Knut : Exactly so that all holders with even a small capital can benefit!

Cryptoneco : DeFi and Dapps are the most up-to-date tools for crypto money projects. Could you give information about your DeFi and Dapps strategy?

Knut : Yes, of course, in the future we want to introduce NFTs for the participating holders according to the number of IMOs !

LFC Boy : How has the use of blockchain technology overcome the challenges of traditional transaction of real estate assets? Compared with traditional real estate investments, why is IMO a better option? How has IMO made investment in real estate a lot easier for investors? Could you share with us your progress of development and if you have some partnerships you’re working on?

Daniel : This solves different problems, firstly, the equity to be provided by the banking institutions generally represents several tens of thousands of dollars, although this amount can vary according to the place of residence. These amounts are then often a brake on any real estate investment process for the middle class. It is in the will to palliate the problems quoted previously that IMO was created. The main objective is to allow anyone to invest in real estate, regardless of the amount, thus freeing themselves from the obstacles that can arise during a classic acquisition of property.

HOLDER : Is there IMO Invest holders have a say in the company’s decisions and or operations? e.g some sort like of DAO

Knut : Yes we probably want to set up a DAO to select the different flats but nothing official yet!

Nafiz : The future prospects for the IMO project are numerous beyond the first phase of the project. What is your the target about the in the future?

Knut : We want to launch and buy the first property and then build the reliability of the project. Then we have a lot of ideas to make the purchase of goods easy and fast. But personally I want to create an empire behind this crypto to be able to moon the IMO token. Our project is parabolic. 🌶

Mars : Staking is a solution used to attract new users and gain more adoption. Does the IMO team have a plan for staking?

Knut : Yes, we are thinking about it with our French partner… news to come ^^

kartaldrr : Why should I earn rental income by investing in IMO instead of buying and renting a property myself? Can I earn more with IMO?

Daniel : Apart from the increase in value due to the rent, the increase in the value of the token will allow for a better performance than if you were to invest directly in a real estate property. In addition, the management of the property, which is a lot of work, is not a problem for those who invest in IMO.

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