A first property for $IMO

3 min readApr 3, 2023

Dear IMO holders,

As you probably know, the crypto ecosystem has been experiencing a relatively strong bear market for more than a year, certainly the most intense in its history. The context of the current financial and banking crisis and rising inflation has certainly contributed to this. A recovery of the uptrend now seems to be taking shape. The integration of real world assets — and real estate assets in particular — into the blockchain is a narrative that will become increasingly explosive in the future. This is exactly the philosophy behind the IMO project’s vision: to democratize, in a truly innovative way, access to digital property for all, for previously inaccessible and indivisible property assets.

Despite the uncertainty of 2022, the IMO project team has been actively working behind the scenes to complete the mission it began two years ago. Among other things, we have been working on the registration of the company, and the team has taken advantage of the bear market to perfect its strategy. This is why we are proud to announce… that the first property has been acquired in the last year!

It may be legitimate to ask why the communication was not made immediately after this first purchase. It is true that an announcement in 2022 would have created some temporary interest and would probably have had a short-term impact on the value of the IMO token. However, we wanted to mark the occasion by taking a longer-term view and therefore deliberately waited for a significant recovery in the market for the communication to have a stronger impact. The acquisition of a first property represents a crucial symbolic step in the development of our roadmap. It was therefore essential to wait for the best time to communicate this important information to you. This news will undoubtedly be followed by many more in the months and years to come!

Due to the administrative costs associated with the purchase of our first property, the planned “buy and burn” has not yet started but will be implemented very soon. In line with our objective of transparency, you will of course be kept informed in future communications. We will inform you later on about further information concerning our first purchase.

This news is just the first step in our huge ambition to promote our innovative and unique business model. This first acquisition is the most significant milestone in our long-term strategic vision. This property is not the property of the IMO’s company. It is the property of the entire community and all investors. It is also, and above all, the starting point for what promises to be an exciting adventure: the IMO story has only just begun.

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