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As the crypto market is coming into a potentially critical and undecided area in the short term, we took the decision yesterday to withdraw a small amount of liquidity from $IMO to finally get the project going!

The average selling price of $BNB is $503.

Several factors were considered: the…

KAELIN : Welcome @knutdr @daniel_frtn

Knut : Great thanks for inviting us! 😁

Daniel : Hello Thanks !

KAELIN : To start of this AMA let’s give the audience a brief description of what IMO is ?

Knut : IMO is a BEP20 token that allows people who own it…

Od : Hi @knutdr , welcome! How are you today?

Knut : Hello how are you ! Thank you for your invitation! I am very well and very happy thank you!

Od : We are happy to have you. …

Hello everyone!

As you probably know, we are currently planning the upcoming listing of PancakeSwap. We are paying particular attention to ensure that the community can invest from the beginning of the project without being “overtaken” by bots. Indeed, bots are present at every listing, no matter how you choose…


IMO is a simple, modern and intuitive way to invest in real estate.

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